ReFashion Lab


ReFashion Lab

ReFashion Lab
by Smart Studio is a project with depth; it raises a lot of questions about how ubiquitous technology can enable us to affect, to influence our environment. It’s now perhaps an old project, but it’s still a good one!

Working in 2001, the project is a great example of the questions we are still asking with spacial technologies. “All the installations in the ReFashion Lab are showing examples, how real physical space and interactive technologies can converge into a new model for architectural experiences. The notion that the inanimate can be turned alive, and environments become responsive has a potentially huge impact on anything from spatial planning to creating new types of events and content for these enabled spaces.

The idea behind the ReFashion Lab is to deliver concrete, yet provocative examples for this new thinking. A prototype, that was physical, spatial and functional, was presented at two shows in late 2001, at Liljewalchs Art Gallery and at the Modern Museum in Stockholm. The fashion store was chosen as a thematic context, an environment that is charged with cultures of personal desire, big business, as well as artistic sensibilities. Marketing, design and social situations all play a big part in these commercial environments. This was providing a backdrop to test new scenarios of interaction between people, space and media as the core research topic.”


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