RFID: Help me! Where do we start?


RFID Journal

I have to keep reminding myself that RFID is relatively new, (or at least, in its current form). Also, it is not really desinged for ‘people like us’. it is going to be a driving force in how we shop, buy, consume, feedback. But it isn’t there quite yet. Now there are many many projects which are perhaps like this one, experiments. These experiments however, are grandiouse compared to our artistic experiment, and feature high fasion, and multimationals.

So all this is leaving me wondering where to start technically. As a tecnology partner in this project we need to be able to bring technology to the party. And whilst I am not afraid of any technology, this particular one comes rather without a user guide.

I have done some research into the basics of RFID Technology. I used RFID Journal as a start. I am impressed with their site. It seems it is actually easy to grasp. It reminded me of learning about how to make a web page in 1993, in terms of it actually being relatively simple but a total mystery. All this makes it very exciting to be working with actually. I’d recommend RFID Journal as a great place to start whether you’ve got a line cattle, birds, candy bars or art to track, control, manage with some wireless technology.


2 Responses to “RFID: Help me! Where do we start?”

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