180 x 120



Testing… this is not a simulation.

“We invite you to thrust yourself within a space where mobs, crowds, tuples, and even the wallflower are active participants in a delicious interactive architecture of interwoven patterns”

This installation explores the difference of statistically projected behaviors through an over-mapping with actual behavior. Using RFID tags and a range of antennas each corresponding to a particular behavioral zone, the group and individual behavior of participants at an event is tracked, logging in event statistics, such as an individuals duration of stay, time of entry, and favored geographic locations (near the bar, the lounge etc).

During the actual event, people can track themselves through their unique RFID number, with their location and time information projected onto the screen in real time, creating a cross referencing of real and forecast information, that is highly event and location specific.

This event seems like so much fun and I see many crossovers with our project; overtly tagging participants and making them become active, then using the data to produce a different way of experiencing/exploring space – I like it!


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