Attention Please! Research Objectives


Projects taking place within the ITEM programme have three main goals.
These are;

  1. The development of the individual participants practice
  2. The development of tools for exhibition and exposition
  3. The enhancement of the creative use of technology.

Together Kisky and I have developed our specific project research objectives that we shall explore during the experiment. They are;

  • Can technology be used in conjunction with an art work to manipulate an audiences attention?
  • Can technology enable new forms of audience interaction with video art?
  • How can RFID be used to measure audience movement/presence?
  • How can RFID impact the representation of the presence of an audience?
  • Can (RFID) technology be used to engaged audiences in active participation in an art ‘experiment’?

One Response to “Attention Please! Research Objectives”

  1. Mystic Mobile Says:

    You may be interested in this project.
    Since the first appearance of modern man, one trait of human behavior in our interaction with the physical environment appears to be an inherent desire to leave our mark on a particular object or space. ‘SprayCan’ graffiti that appeared in the 1970s is but a modern extension of this phenomenon, yet it divides communities and generations in terms of how it should be dealt with in terms of either complete acceptance or punitive action. The mobspray project is a system that tries to bridge the divide as it both provides writers with a means of tagging their environment, using mobile phones and RFID tags, whilst minimizing the physical effects to the landscape for the communities where it resides.

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