Performing NAFTA* with a transport truck and RFID



The Exchange project is an artistic inquiry that uses cultural resistance to unsettle questionable relationships between international politics, technological surveillance, and identity construction.
One outstanding feature of the Exchange project is a cross-border performance that combines Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) surveillance technology, a full-size transport truck, and all of Nisbet’s personal belongings. In this sustained performance, Nisbet’s things will be inventoried, radio frequency tagged and freely traded with individuals encountered during the six month trip that circumnavigates Canada, the United States and Mexico. This project exchanges the studio for the roads, truck stops, border crossings and cities of North America.

I was intrigued by this project partly because of the sheer scale of it in comparrison to the localised objects and readers I’d been finding in other projects and by the way they describe it as a performance, reminding us that the use of tags is often about a live moment.
*North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)


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