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The choice of what manipulation tool to use is becoming more pressing to me. We may have to build patches or modules that will beable to read the RFID information we are generating.
I’ve seen VidVox Grid, Jitter(MaxMSP), Isadora and ArKaos (all Mac based) programmes in use and each look simple (apart from Jitter!), effective and stable. Where Grid and ArKaos I’ve only seen in use in VJ situations and I know Isadora is used in performance situations.

I’ve spoken Isadora creator Mark Coniglio who thinks the manipulation will be possible, he said “If they [the readers] output serial (RS-232) data it could be possible. Right now, Isadora only _sends_ serial data. But it has the capability to receive, I’ve just not implemented it yet.”

I’m really looking forward to working with Isadora again!
While looking around at software I spotted ArtMatic and Bliss Paint that seem to be graphical, animation generation tools, using images, textures and effects. I’m thinking about dowloading the demos to generate some video to be used as effects for my active screens.


5 Responses to “Isadora from Troika Tronix”

  1. Paul Says:

    Ok so the solution is a patch between the USB RFID reader and Isadora. The way to input into Isadora is via Midi commands, but the RFID reader is not a Midi device.

    I thought of writing a USB driver for it which would make Isadora think it’s a Midi device. Fortuantly we don’t need to do it thanks to JunXion . This takes inputs from pretty much any USB device like a joystick and you can patch these inputs to Midi events. Isadora then sees Junxion as a Midi device. Pretty cool.

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  5. vjskulpture Says:

    Free isadora tutorials here:

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