The shopping list


 RFID components

So what have we bought?
We have purchased the cheaper of the readers available that are high frequency (13.56MHz) rather than ultra high frequency (915MHz), the limitations are a typical reading distance of only 18cm (max distance I have found was 1.2m), but the UHF readers require external antennas which increases the range of the reader dramatically. The FEIG reader can be supplied as either RS232 connection (with separate power supply) or USB – we chose USB version.
The tags come in all shapes and sizes that signifies the amount of data the can be written to the tags. Remember when buying the tags to make sure they are the same frequency as the readers other wise they just won't work (thanks Scott, from BuyRFID!!!!).

I got quotes from BuyRFID (US) and RFID Components Ltd (UK) both of which were very helpful, supportive and competitive quotes.

3 FEIG PR101 USB Proximity Reader
250 13.56MHz Vicinity Card Transponders (or we could have purchased White Film Tags TIT – WFL 13.56MHz, from BuyRFID)


2 Responses to “The shopping list”

  1. Kevin O Mahony Says:

    We are currently looking for RFID tags, reader, and software. We are
    currently developing a multimedia installation. We are looking for ways of
    controlling quicktime video clips by scanning RFID tags. It is an
    installation piece – Video bingo!!!. We found a product which was ideal but
    the problem is that it is out of
    . Would you know where we could purchase a similar product which would be
    applicable for our installation. If you could help us, or have any
    information that would be very much appreciated.
    > Regards,
    > Kevin

  2. medical plan Says:

    Hi – enjoyed your home page!

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