Mediamatic meet and the secret Symbolic Table



Mediamatic live in the Post CS Building, Amsterdam, they have been running workshops on RFID since July 2005 (there next workshop is coming up in early May see Katie's pervious post RFID & the Internet of Things). We wanted to say "Hi" tell them about our project and see if any thing interesting came up. We explained our project, the ITEM brief and our progress with the technology.


My first realisation was that our project RFID DIY, and we are finding out what the technology can do and including building drivers where needed ourselves, and our first and may other peoples first conclusion is that the tags are essentially keyboard, they print out their unique ID number.The second conclusion was that to do anything really exciting with the technology your talking about the ultra high frequency readers, and several of them with is mega bucks!

They have been investigating the new Nokia phones that have RFID readers in them, for near field communication (NFC) they only work with specific tags, but its an interesting switch of the use of the technology as the user has the reader not tagged with a transponder!

The sneak preview

secret tablesecret table
They were also kind enough to give us a sneak preview of their new project, Symbolic Table.
The table is a un-interface device that contains a reader, computer, projector and small pa system, but the surface of the table is totally blank.
They have been developing the tool for and have two examples in use, the first is a learning tool and game for kids where they have inserted RFID transponders inside small plastic toy animals, and when the are placed on the special area of the table the sound of that specific animal can be heard. The second is a historical tool, where the transponders are attached to cards that have pictures and brief piece of text, when they are placed on the table a piece of film rolls giving more information.
They have already taken their first orders for the table, are building the second model with moving draws and are investigating the idea of adding multiple readers.


One Response to “Mediamatic meet and the secret Symbolic Table”

  1. Kevin O Mahony Says:

    We are currently looking for RFID tags, reader, and software. We are
    currently developing a multimedia installation. We are looking for ways of
    controlling quicktime video clips by scanning RFID tags. It is an
    installation piece – Video bingo!!!. We found a product which was ideal but
    the problem is that it is out of
    . Would you know where we could purchase a similar product which would be
    applicable for our installation. If you could help us, or have any
    information that would be very much appreciated.
    > Regards,
    > Kevin

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