Writing to tags


paul pc and mac

The software that comes with the reader enables you to write 255 blocks of 4 characters to the tags, but what can you do with this after that? Does the tag need interrogating to retrieve this information, or will it send it out whenever it is read?

The reader has to switched (using the software) between read or write mode, each tag has to be added through the inventory reader (same device just in another mode) before it can be written to.
When in write mode (ISO host write) you need to select the tag you are working with input characters you want to write then send to the tag, then the COM interface can read this information when in Scan Mode (HID). This software is only PC format and appear quite complicated but it gives you the basic facilities to use the tags.

For our experiment, we are talking specifically about attention and audience participation-is it even important that we can write to the tag? I feel its important that we investigate this process as its something that makes the tags unique other than their ID number. We have been talking about the notion of rewarding our visitor's by giving them their tag (transponder) with their name written on it.
We could add another terminal to the set-up and use a PC with the COM interface software to simply write to the tag, but this would involve either using our registration reader or purchasing a fifth reader that we simply don't have budget for.
Or if we could find someone to write a Mac application that could be linked with our registration terminal that could write to the tag, but this is a low priority gimmick, only to be added if someone (else) can come up with an easy solution!


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