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Your attention is personal right? To you. It's yours, not someone else's.  So if we can make this not just about measuring and recording attention, but about YOUR attention, then we think we might be onto something.  We don't want to confuse the audience participation; and specifically 'interaction' with attention, as they are different things, but…. using these tags, we have unique identifiers – we know your attention is; well, yours.  So the revelation today is that instead of giving you an attention tag, we can link your attention to your picture.  You give the art your attention, it gives you some back?  Something like, that – and to be discussed further, but we're currently working to link you + your attention + your photo.

Image from 'evilibby' on Flickr.
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2 Responses to “Personal attention”

  1. Tim Lambert Says:

    This is a great project and I think it has huge potential.

    I find the whole thing a little bit sinister though. I can see this headed in the direction of personally specific responses according to whose attention is being paid. I’m not sure whether I would be interacting. Rather than being in control I think I would be being controlled. What if I want to have a different experience that isn’t specific to me? What does it say about me, that I am paying a lot of attention to one thing and not another?

    The idea of being rewarded for your attention is interesting as I found myself paying more attention to the films when I wasn’t sure of the reward. Was I suppose to find a pattern in the process in order to maximise my reward?

    I’m supposed to be working and I’m thinking about this now………………

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