Attention Please has been a relatively short project, completed within three months.  Although it has been short, it has been a diverse project, and drawn together a diverse group of artists, programmers, technicians – and of course, participants. With many thanks to………
Sara Smith

Technology Partner
Kisky Netmedia (Katie Lips and Paul Stringer)

Project Funding
ITEM (Supported by Arts Council England)

The Box, FACT (The Foundation for Art and Creative Technology), Liverpool, UK

Equipment Hire
MITES (Moving Image Touring Exhibition Service)

Exhibition Technicians
Sara Smith and Nick Lawrenson

Gallery Assistance
Ivan Gonzalez

Additional Exhibition assistance and sofa removals
Simon Bradshaw, Lian Harter, Alex Gibson

The Marketing Team at FACT and

ITEM Project Management
Wibke Hott

Technical Project Management

Katie Lips, Kisky Netmedia

RFID Equipment
Dennis Dewer from RFID Components Ltd, (UK) and BuyRFID (US)

Mark Coniglio, Troika Ranch


Cocoa & WebObjects Development & hacking
Paul Stringer, with collaboration and support from Axel Roest,  Dirk van Oosterbosch, Johan Kool, Abizer Nasir, Breyten Ernsting, Dirk Stoop, Daniel Salber, Andy Smith at CocoaDevHouseAmsterdam


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