The demo



In late June I recreated Attention Please in demo form for Richard Willacy, from Birmingham Opera Company, who I met at the diffraction conference who was interested in the performative side of the project and the use of technology.
We had a really interesting discussion about how to use technology in a performative and participatory capacity for which I feel there is very little conclusion and there is as much of an emphasis on the context you create as how you use the technology.

I hope our discussion helped Richard with his research, I’m looking forward to finding out what paths they take! Here is some text given to me by Richard about the research project and the company.

The research project is for Birmingham Opera Company, where Richard is the Associate Director, headed by Graham Vick. The company produces high quality ‘participatory’ opera which stands alongside the solely ‘professional’ national companies and thus for example winning South Bank Show Award for Best Opera and well as RPS Award for New Audience Development. Birmingham Opera are interested to find new tools which enable a greater access and ‘investment’ in opera by established and new audiences, to explore new ways of communicating with new audiences who may be present in the performance venue or in remote locations via broadcast media for projects in 2007 and beyond.

The project also continues work Richard did as Artist in Residence at into uses of new media with non linear narrative, some of that research will be used for a new media collaboration called Creating Space.


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