The Experiment: When? Where? What happened?

Attention Please! is a research project and our experiment is just that; a test, for us to evaluate and receive feedback on some of the theories and technologies we are working with. It will be used in conjunction with this blog to form our research report.

When: Open drop-in sessions 2pm – 6pm** Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 4th May 2006.

Where: The Box, FACT, 88 Wood Street, L1 4DQ.

We are going to invite various groups to seperate sessions on the 3rd and 4th of May. This is to ensure we have different types of audience, in terms of size to play with the difference of experiencing an exhibition or performance.

**If you want to bring a group before 2pm or only finish work at 6pm and want to come afterwards, contact us and we would be happy to accommodate you!

What happened?

First there was the set up and testing, loading the new applications on to the imac's that we were going to use in the experiment.

testingap hand

Then we set up the installation in The Box.

installap install

Then we let the audience in to give their attention.

attention pleaseinstall picthe experiment

To see more pictures of the process go to flickr, all of the project images have been tagged with attentionplease.


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