The Concept

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There are two distinct perspectives to this project. Firstly, as we are working on Sara’s aim to explore the notion of presence, aura, and attention there is a very creative angle to be explored; “how can something attract attention?” As we are also using fixed capability RFID technology, there needs to be something of the inventor in us in terms of how we approach this project; “how can we represent the notion of presence, or attention?”

We have decided to use RFID to measure attention. And to attract attention in the first place, Sara will be creating a series of video installations. We arrived at the notion of a project which measures attention, because the technology itself offers some measurement capability. In addition to a measurement capability, we were having conversations about what draws and keeps audience attention (and perhaps) imagination in a gallery space, specifically in a new media / video installation environment.

If a device can be used to measure attention, then can that data then be used to influence the ‘exhibit itself’. For example, a user views a video installation and gives it attention; can another video change in order to attract the attention of the viewer? Can the viewer, through measured attention be represented in some way. Can their characteristics build up a picture of an audience’s aura? Can this affect the work within the space?Attention; its value, attention ’seeking’ activity, and the notion of presence within an exhibition space are the key themes of this research project.

We aim to discuss these issues in more depth over the life of this project via this blog.


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